Friday, August 01, 2008

Looking Back

I was going through pictures today and looking back at how little Will and Ellie really were. Here's a comparison.

1. April 26, 2008
Ellie - 4lbs 5oz
Will - 4lbs 14oz


2. May 8, 2008
Ellie - 4lbs8oz
Will - 4lbs15oz


3.June 19, 2008
Ellie -  7 lbs 14oz
Will - 9 lbs 8.5oz


4.July 10, 2008
Exact weights not known


5. August 1, 2008
Ellie - 9lbs 1oz
Will - 12lbs 1oz

They really have filled out. In the picture from May those are PREEMIE outfits that are baggy on them. They have both doubled their birth weight and are completely healthy. It's just amazing to me.
We had another night of AWESOME sleep last night. Both babies were in bed by 9:30 and didn't wake up until 3:00 then they slept until 8:00am! I'm getting spoiled.
Tomorrow I get to go see Wicked!!! (and the book Breaking Dawn comes out!!! I can't wait)

(I can't get the damn pictures to line up correctly so I numbered them to correspond with the dates/info. Hope that works)


Abby Hanson said...

I love the new background!!! And CUTE CUTE CUTE pictures of the twins. I love the first one, with them snuggled together and naked.

YAY for babies sleeping!!!! And TWO nights now!!! Whoopee!!!

Enjoy Wicked!!! Wish I could be there too!!! And Breaking Dawn!!! AAAAAAHHHH! So excited!!!!

(Wow, this comment has LOTS of exclamation points....) :)

Chelsea said...

that first picutre is SO CUTE!!! Did you take it at home?

Enjoy Wicked. I liked it. I read the book long before I saw the play and both are good, but different from the other. So if you've read the book, try to place it as a different story in your brain.

I am Breaking Dawn, sitting right here, taunting me. But I can't read it until I do some work, clean my house, and make Henry's birthday cake. Yeah, blogging wasn't on the list, but somehow my addicted self is here.