Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Christmas Tree Farm

For the first time ever we decided to get a real Christmas tree. We debated just going to one of the many Christmas Tree farms on the side of the road but then we remembered there is a HUGE Christmas Tree farm about a half hour from us. So we bundled all the kids up (relative term. It was cold to us. - probably in the 50s - 60s. I know that's nothing to most of you but we're not used to the cold. :) )

We were lucky when we got there that Santa and Mrs. Claus were there visiting.
Ben got to ride on a pony. The pony was named Spot. We were a little unsure of how he'd do but he LOVED it.

I love this one. He looks so little yet so big.

They had a petting zoo as well. We didn't take the babies in with the little goats. They jumped on quite a few of the people in there and I didn't think that it would be safe (or fun) to try to hold all three kids in there. (Ben didn't want down most of the time.)

Babies watching from the outside.

Looking at the giant turtles

This cracked me up. If you read the sign it says "DO NOT TOUCH THIS ANIMAL" The gate was wide open. Kept looking around for that animal.

I love this one of the twins. They are just so happy in this pic. They really did great. They seemed to have tons of fun.

"Big smiles"

Will and Ellie at their own "petting zoo"

Ben thought this Reindeer was awesome

Picking out the Christmas Tree

Found it!

I love that they were oblivious to Santa right behind them.

Bringing the tree to the car

Santa and Mrs. Claus leaving (Can you see the antlers on their truck?!)

Tree is loaded and ready to go!

Goofy Ellie

Silly Will

Santa leaving. Note the license plate.

It was such a fun time. I loved having a real Christmas tree. I can't wait to do this again next year and start it as a family tradition.

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jen said...

I love your humor. You always make me giggle. Thanks! Move to UTAH!!!