Friday, January 01, 2010


SO I thought Iwould just post pictures of the highlights of December. I went through my D:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\My Documents\Kids\Yearly\2009\December\ to find just a couple of pictures to highlight all the fun things we did. 57 pictures later and I think this is gonna be more than one post. (Turns out I picked just about 10% of the pictures. I just checked and I have 652 pictures taken. That was after I realized that every picture we took today wasn't actually in December or 2009 so I had to create a whole new 2010 folder and a new January folder.)
So here are just some random pictures from December. (Then I will do separate posts for each of our Dec adventures) We will see how this goes :) Bear with me... I'm really trying

Our monthly picture.

Playing in the toy box


more hugs

kisses for Daddy

sitting on the dock of the bay coffee table.


Ben and Santa (The babies were at home, asleep. Horrible I know.)

"Sharing" (Ellie loves it as you can tell by the look on her face)

Getting so big!!

Cuddling with his blankie

Ellie's AWESOME fashion sense. (That is her brother's jacket and shoes and her hat.)

I'll be back tomorrow with more. Probably starting with our trip to the Christmas tree farm. But for now I am off to bed. I am tired

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